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Key SMS strategies to maximize reach and revenue during the holiday season and beyond.

COVID-19 and mobile shopping: the new SMS wave and why you should be on it

The good, the bad and the dreaded in SMS marketing: less talk, more action

Here's what to expect:

Join us on September 23, 1 PM EST as we take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of an SMS campaign, and learn more about the channel, its specifics and how you can utilize it to maximize reach and revenue this Q4.

COVID-19 has accelerated mobile commerce faster than any period in history. To capitalize on this ecom-boom, brands need to expand their presence to new territories. And we don’t just mean new geographic locations, but the vast digital universe.

This year’s biggest shopping days - from Halloween, through Cyber Week, all the way to Christmas - are just a blink away. In preparation for the most opportunity-filled period of the retail year, we’d like to invite you to our “How to get started with SMS in 60 days” webinar. 

SMS campaign launch from A to Z: ready-to-use strategies & tips

Q4 on autopilot: high-converting automations and flows

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September 23, 1 PM EST

SMS Templates and a personal checklist

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